“Ensemble was instrumental in helping MBH scale up our teams quickly in order to manage workload. The quality of candidates was far superior than any other consulting firm we’ve worked with. Each of them came with a can-do attitude, high level of ownership and excellent Revit skills, and quickly integrated within our teams even while working remotely.”

Dimple Manghani​​​​,

Architect & Principal

“Providing them with project specific training was easy and they were able to hit the ground running fairly quickly.”

Dimple Manghani​​​​,

Architect & Principal


We Supplement, not Replace

Outsourcing and Insourcing is a powerful strategic approach for newly 1/3 of all Architectural Firms. From small practices to large multi-disciplinary firms, the cost dynamics of today’s financial overhead demands a new staffing matrix.

Our teams are comprised of 100% degreed architects – we are professionals, not drafters. We are experts and have for 20-years worked nationally and globally supporting over 150 firms. From small T.I. projects, retail roll-outs to massive multi-family communities (type 1, 3, 5).

outsourcing infographic

Figure 01. Standard of Care

cost reduction infographic

We save you Money and Time

We create an opportunity for our clients to experience cost reductions averaging 40%. With professional architectural support rates, this powers firms to be more competitive, increase core team salaries, training and cultural building. We work on three levels:

Time & Materials

Fixed-Fee/Lump Sum

Insourced dedicated Team – 6 Month Minimum