Tokin dining room

“By bringing a piece of Tokyo to Cordoba, Argentina, Tokin Sushi Bar celebrates and showcases Japanese gastronomy, culture, and traditions. It provides an opportunity for locals and visitors to experience the unique atmosphere and culinary delights that Tokyo’s streets have to offer.”

Marco Ferrari,

Creative Director

Project Overview

Tokin Sushi Bar in Cordoba, Argentina, aims to capture the essence of Tokyo’s suburban and popular streets, blending elements of modernity and tradition. The design of the establishment reflects the vibrant streets of Tokyo, with its technological advancements, anime, manga, Akihabara district, and striking billboards. At the same time, it pays homage to the city’s rich history, utilizing natural materials, delicate gestures of welcome, and unique construction techniques reminiscent of Tokyo’s temples. 

As guests approach the bar, they are greeted by a facade reminiscent of street stalls, adorned with beautiful and eye-catching signage that signals the presence of sushi. Upon entering, the corridor mimics the atmosphere of an alley, evoking the bustling streets of Tokyo. To one side, the influence of manga culture is apparent in the graphic design of tables and projections.

Tokin dining room view
Tokin sushi bar outdoor view
Tokin table dining set
Tokin casual restaurant view