Mila restaurant environmental graphics

“Arriving in Santiago, Chile was new for me. We had experience from other places with the desire to have a great impact on a new place and people here. We believe we were able to accomplish both.”

David Valle,

Sales Manager

Project Overview

MilaThis restaurant, located in Santiago de Chile, Chile’s capital city, is located in Alto Las Condes shopping center, in Las Condes neighborhood. There is an open-air gastronomic promenade on the shopping center terrace with more than 30 restaurants, where Mil welcomes its customers. For this design, we found inspiration in the old port dining rooms where the warmest restaurant meals were served. The scent of history, reflected even in perfume and music, accompanies and tinges the entire composition.We wanted it to be broad, tall, warm, and simple and express high quality. On the other hand, treating geometries and materials gives it an extra vibration, excelling between historical and contemporary styles.

Mila restaurant interior
Mila restaurant bar view
Mila restaurant lighting design
Mila restaurant wood signage
Mila restaurant lighting design
Mila restaurant interior view