Hotel Carilo ceiling lighting

Hotel Cariló


“Good, thoughtful design has the ability to change not only spaces, but people’s experience of a place they love to visit. ”

Gabriela Jagodnik,

Project Director

Project Overview

One of the standout aspects of this project is the thoughtful and innovative redesign of the first floor, specifically the common areas. By incorporating new activities and optimizing the use of space, the hotel was able to enhance the overall guest experience and create a more functional and engaging environment. 

Overall, this project exhibits excellence and thought leadership through its innovative approach to space optimization, incorporation of new services without new construction, and the creation of an immersive and inviting atmosphere. The design and execution successfully capture the essence of the location, providing guests with a memorable and engaging experience throughout their stay at Hotel Suite Cariló. 

Hotel Carilo lobby
Hotel Carilo lobby view
Hotel Carilo lobby and market
Hotel Carilo lobby bar
Hotel Carilo outdoor patio