COC window interior view

“In our city there were only dancing clubs and simple restaurants. We wanted a good quality cocktail restaurant. An elevated place that could be dressed up for a party.”

Vanina Pavoni,


Project Overview

It is located on a main avenue leading to the northern limits of the city. Here, wider and greener sectors begin to appear. At the same time, it is part of an open shopping center that occupies the most important corner and becomes the central gastronomic place of the commercial venture.

Inspired by the 1920s, an unmistakable Art Deco touch appeared in our imagination to contribute to almost all site sectors. As a result, no matter how big or small, every detail pays tribute to this era. Some concepts considered were category, spacial, vibrancy, brightness, and delicacy. The goal was for anyone entering this place to perceive a mixture of distinctive sensations, starting with amazement when entering and mystery when going through it. This space was enormous both in plan and height, making it a great opportunity.

COC bar and restaurant
COC bar seating
COC waitstaff at the bar
COC window view
COC restaurant bar view