Che mono dining room view.

“We are thrilled to be a Gold Key Awards 2023 finalist in the Restaurant Casual category for Hospitality Design magazine. The team created an experience that is designed to be a cozy and special place operating 24 hours a day, from the first cup of coffee to the last cocktail.”

Sharon Lessard,

Chief Creative Officer

Project Overview

Che Mono is a restaurant located in Bandfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its name comes from the way the people of the neighborhood call its owner in a typical and friendly way. This restaurant is designed to be a cozy and special place that operates 24 hours a day, from the first cup of coffee to the last cocktail.  

Che Mono has many ways and times to interact with users, including take away options, terrace, interiors with different types of furniture and a main window bar. It also has a party mode where customers can relax and dance for a while. The design guidelines are linked to its all-day concept, which means that materials and decisions are in perfect symbiosis so that as the day goes by the place looks different. Its physiognomy adapts and nourishes from the moment, creating different atmospheres supported by the lighting design and music playlists. 

To receive guests both during the day and at night, materials considered warm and cold were chosen. The cold ones are represented by different types of blue colors applied in paintings, tiles, signage, and tableware. The warm ones exist in the floors, in the bar, in the metals of bars and wines, and the textures of wood and fabrics of the furniture and, of course, the general and spot lighting. All this combined harmoniously to generate an intense, functional, and unforgettable experience and atmosphere. As a final touch, a golden “cloud” was created that runs through the entire restaurant, strengthening the sections with a dose of warmth and curiosity, brilliantly crossed by the lights that paint the place.  

Che mono restaurant interior
Che mono bar seating.
Che mono bar and restaurant view
Che mono bathroom.
Che mono private dining room.
Che mono exterior view.