Becken office layout

“Why should an accounting firm be boring? We went for it all and we did it. We revived an old factory on the river side, in one of the best spots in town. Our employees love working here.”

Federico Becken,


Project Overview

Becken is an office project that consisted of recovering a factory located on the city’s main river and business area in Cordoba, Argentina. We converted this old place abandoned for 50 years into a luxury office for a law firm. We decided to give it an industrial tone based on the automotive and parts factory era of the 1930s. We wanted to create a historically charged, period-reminiscent place, very flexible and functional inside, and expressive and comfortable outside and inside. The visual and sensory relationship with the river was our inspiration.

Becken office layout
Becken office staircase
Becken industrial office space
Becken office space
Becken staircase view
Becken lounge and office space