Nika branding illustrations

“You are transported to Ethiopia with the smell of the brewing coffee and the greenery of the place.”

Marco Ferrari,

Creative Director

Project Overview

Nika is a coffee shop in the soul of Zarate Buenos Aires. In its essence, it mixes the coffee tradition since its inception in Ethiopia, from there a unique concept is born mixing its tradition and translating it into a great story told by different scenes.

The coffee in Ethiopia – its vessels, the colors, textures, aromas and its heritage – inspired this unique concept of commemorative scenes within a great tale called NIKA. It is reflected in the architecture and in the brand branding through its spaces, accompanied by unforgettable moments with a delicious coffee. It takes you to the place in the traditional city of Zarate province of Buenos Aires and invites you to be part of this great coffee tradition.

Nika logo variations
Nika branding design
Nika logo card design
Nika bag design
Nika coffee bag design
Nika coffee cup design
Coffee shop rendering